Russell Morgan

I am from England. I can describe my music as contemporary  blues, soul,

and folk. I am am a songwriter. 

I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Begin Simple is released May 13th 2016

I wrote begin simple - although the title not penned back then - two years

ago. I believe begin simple is different than Surrender, my debut record, in

that it is more subtle, and presents a new type of energy. The songs were

first written on my acoustic or classical guitar, and then thinking out of the

box with Filippo we created a special vibe, using percussion and

abstract to create a new contrast in my folk soul roots. In my mind,

this does not distract, but embellishes the songs .

The songs were recorded in Vienna with Filippo at wild dog studios. This

had been time a will never forget. An incredible experience to live and

record and experience my friends lives and the culture of the city. I hope

when you listen to the songs, you get a sense of the magic i felt writing

and living them.

Morgan peddles this rather wistful and beautiful soulful folk (no, it really works)

...these thick piano chords watered down by Morgan’s rough edged but lovely

vocals and gently picked acoustic chords, teetering between melancholy and

dreamy. Backseat Mafia

Blending elements of contemporary folk, rhythmic blues and even a little jazz,

there’s a lot of soul in this track.
A Journal Of Music Things

...This sophisticated musical fare merges acoustic folk guitar and piano with

sleek, soulful singing and subtle electronic touches that add texture to his

sound. The Boston Survival Guide

All songs written and performed by Russell Morgan. Production and mixing,

by Filippo Gaetani, and Jordon Zadorozny for Being Simple reprise mix.

Mastering by Julian Lowe. Album art work by Darren Hopes

Special thanks to, Filippo Gaetani, Chris Church, .Jordon Zadorozny,

Peter Zadorozny, Russ Sargeant, Hans Jürgen Bart, and Paul New

for their incredible musicianship and contribution to the recordings.

Extra special thank for to Karin Haumer for her hospitality and putting up

with me for the duration of the recording

Performing Rusty Cage, you don't feel, and move these mountain live for fat pigeon

This is nice. I was asked do a session for sound and light installation.

I am doing male harmonies to Jade Pybus's beautiful lead.

It's a very interesting art sound and light installation.

It has a Le Mystere des voix Bulgares about it.

I wish there was more to see and listen to.